10 Nov

Many Car Owners Have Knowledge

This is a true story that goes to prove that many car owners have knowledge. A lot of people book my car cleaning and detailing services because they haven’t got time to do it themselves. So how stupid would it be of me to think that they have no idea about cleaning a car and what products to use?

The other day, I had a call from an owner a Ford XR8. This particular car is regularly on display at Car Shows and has won multiple awards. The initial enquiry was about giving the vehicle what he described as a “clay bar polish”. But after chatting with the owner about the condition of the car, we established that the car only required a Wax and Polish! From discussing the needs of this customer, he recognised that I wasn’t trying to canvass unecessary work from him. And in no time we were having a healthy conversation about the car and what products I would use.

But here’s the real point of the story! This customer had previously booked another car detailer to polish the car and was horrified at what he saw. Instead of the a high quality polish about to be used, this car detailer pulled out of his work vehicle a $5.95 bottle of polish that you can buy at The Reject Shop. The owner of the Show Car immediately cancelled the job and sent this car detailer on his way. So here’s the proof that many car owners have knowledge about the best way to look after their car.

So what are the dangers associated with using cheap products? Firstly, there would be no long lasting results, Secondly, it is very doubtful that the product would provide Ultra Violet protection for m the sun’s harmful rays. Thirdly, the product won’t be as refined as quality products and could cause micro scratches on the paintwork. Fourthly, there is a chance that silicons are used in the product. This silicon eats into paintwork over time doing more harm than good. At Mango Car Dynamix, we use products based on quality rather than price! They contain carnauba wax and provide the needed Ultra Violet protection. Plus, the results of the Wax and Polish should last for at least 3 months. Even though many car owners have knowledge about products you can buy in stores, we will still discuss option to attain ideal results.

At this point of time, I still haven’t done the Wax and Polish for this potential new client. But it felt good knowing that Mango Kar Dynamix is one of the more reputable car cleaning services here on the Gold Coast!

Happy Motoring,


Mango Kar Dynamix – Your Premium Gold Coast Car Cleaning Service

17 Oct

Keep Your New Car Looking New!

As a Mobile Gold Coast Car Cleaning Service, I am seeing that more and more of our clients are updating their vehicles. And they are also requesting that we maintain it on a regular basis to keep it in as new condition. If you too are considering updating your vehicle, then no doubt you too want to keep your new car looking new too.

Here’s an interesting fact! Our greatest challenge as a car cleaner is not the soiling of a vehicle. Instead, it’s human nature! What I mean by this is quite simple. When a person buys a new car, they usually love the fresh feel of it, that new car smell and how shiny it is. So for the first few months, new car owners are very proud and fussy. But then, everyday life kicks in!

Don’t get me wrong here because this is not a criticism. “Everyday life” sees accidents occur that soil a car. For example, it could be that take away coffee or soft drink that gets spilled. Or the kids jump in the car with muddy shoes on. Then of course, on a hot day people will go to the beach. And as beach goers know, sand clings to everything from feet to beach chairs and umbrellas. So the sand and salt ends up being scattered throughout the vehicle. On long trips, kids are given nibbles and drinks to keep them amused. But kids being kids, you’ll find evidence of this at a later date. They also don’t just look out of windows as they seem to have to touch them too. So finger marks become more evident over time too.

So how do you keep your new car looking new? Well, let’s look at “human nature” first. Over time, new car owners generally become less fussy and less likely to clean up the little accidents. In other words, they become desensitised to the gradual soiling once the vehicle is being used for shopping, school drop off and weekend drives. But don’t despair because Mango Kar Dynamix is here to perform some “Mango Magic”! And we bring our mobile Gold Coast car cleaning service to you. Most soiling is easily cleaned off carpets, seats and glass by using the appropriate cleaning products and machines. We can also apply protective products that have a resistance to any further soiling and also give protection to the sun’s harmful rays.

Our most common mobile car cleaning and detailing services are the Silver and Gold Packages. It generally takes anywhere between two to three hours to thoroughly complete this work depending on the size of the vehicle. And if your car is cleaned on a fortnightly or four weekly basis, a simple Wash and vacuum will do the job most times before a more extensive detail is required! For cars that spend a lot of time outdoors in the open, a wax and polish every few months will help protect the exterior. So if you want to keep your new car looking new, give us a call today on 0429 430 443 and we can discuss what your options are and how regularly you would like this done.

Happy Motoring,

Peter Blades – Your Premium Mobile Gold Car Cleaning Service

10 Jul

The Benefits of Pre-Sale Car Detailing

We are regularly receiving bookings for Pre-Sale Car Detailing! The situation is very simple. The owner is wanting to get maximum dollars for their vehicle that they are preparing for sale, and they are making every effort to achieve that.

Here is an opinion I like to share with clients preparing their car for sale. The more honest a vehicle is, then the better chance you will have of selling it. So what do I mean by this? It’s quite simple in that you need to respect the intelligence of a prospective buyer. Realistic buyers know that a used car will have some degree of soiling and blemishes. But once they sense some kind of “cover-up”, you’ve lost them!

Last week, I was booked for Pre-Sale Car Detailing on a limited edition Mazda 6 that the owner was selling. Unfortunately, the paint on the bonnet had suffered long term sun damage. I said to the owner that I can attempt to buff out the damage and see what the result was. We were lucky as 95% of the damage was eventually removed and the owner was delighted. The final result of the detail saw a beautiful shiny car on the outside, with a cleaned and refreshed interior. The car looked great even though there was no hiding that it was a used vehicle. So the owner was able to list the car on-line, plus I gave them some information of an excellent car broker that I know. They now knew that they had a very good change of selling the car sooner rather than later.

At Mango Kar Dynamix, we can perform Pre-Sale Car Detailing for as little as $125 for a small car, or up to $240 for a large SUV or off-road vehicle. And we never do extra work without a discussion with the owner and their consent to go ahead. So with a little time and preparation, Your Premium Gold Coast Mobile Car Cleaning Service can help prepare your car for sale and assist in you getting maximum dollar! So if you want the benefit of having us prepare your car for sale, give us a call on 0429 430 443 to make that booking.

Happy Motoring,


Your Premium Gold Coast Car Cleaning Service

12 Jun

Water Damaged BMW – Coast View Court, Tallai

This was an uncommon problem to deal with! There was a water damaged BMW that saw paintwork on the bonnet and front guards requiring attention. If you recall, the rainfall we had as a result of the aftermath of Cyclone Debbie was extremely heavy. A waterfall of water flowed underneath the ceiling of a basement car park and poured onto the bonnet of this BMW. Ordinarily, water would have no impact on paintwork. But in this case, the corrosive properties of the concrete ceiling were were soaked out and saturated the BMW. These corrosive properties then ate into the paintwork leaving a scar like damage in the form of run marks.

It was important to see if the marks could be gently buffed out of this water damaged BMW. To avoid causing any further damage on the car, I did a test and buffed a small area on the front of the bonnet. This was to see if a full buff would be successful. The section I buffed saw the water marks  removed using a light cutting compound. So I then set about buffing the rest of the bonnet and front guards. One hour later, the paintwork had been restored to its usual beautiful shine!

The owner was so pleased that she requested that the whole car have a wax and polish. The wax and polish was done by hand and another hour later saw the BMW sparkling again. This actual polish I use contains carnauba wax and UV protection cream. I don’t believe in electric polishing a car’s paintwork if it isn’t necessary. So the products I use maintain the paints condition so that a respray won’t be necessary sometime in the future. The owner of the BMW was delighted with the end result and generously offered me a $25 tip!

Happy Motoring,

Peter – Mango Kar Dynamix

Your Premium Gold Coast Mobile Car Cleaning Service

19 May

Waterless Car Wash – Malawa Drive, Palm Beach

Today’s challenge was to do a wash and vacuum on a BMW in Palm Beach. Due to steady rain, it was not possible to wash it and then dry it with the use of a chamois. This problem doesn’t regularly happen. But being a Gold Coast Mobile Car Detailing Service, I have worked out a waterless car wash method. This is ideal on a car not badly soiled and very suitable for our climate.

I was able to the complete job under cover inside the garage. Using a micro fibre cloth, I applied the product working from the roof down. This product has a two-fold advantage in that it not only removes light soiling and contamination off the paintwork, but also leaves a light residue of wax. Therefore, once I had completed the waterless car wash, I could buff the car with a soft cloth. However, timing the buff was crucial because of the cooler temperature of the day and slight humidity. So I waited the appropriate time and once buffed, the car looked great!

This waterless wash method was also very successful on the alloy wheels. Being a European car, there was significant brake dust contamination of the wheels due to soft brake pads. Most European cars do this! But the wheels also cleaned up beautifully and after a light wipe down also shone. Next I attended to the glass exterior on the side and rear windows as well as the sunroof. It was important that I didn’t apply an excessive amount of waterless product. Otherwise, I would have spent “half a day” buffing the excess product off the glass.

Overall, the BMW looked fantastic. The waterless car wash and method I used today was ideal and effective on this vehicle. It’s a process that I can use on days where rain hampers me being able to do a standard wash and chamois.

Happy Motoring –

Your Premium Gold Coast Mobile Car Cleaning Service

31 Mar

Presale Gold Detail – Stag Court, Upper Coomera

Today’s job was given to us through a referral from a previous satisfied customer. This new client in Stag Court Upper Coomera booked a Gold Package Detail for her Mitsubishi Lancer to prepare her car for sale. The 8 year old vehicle was black in colour and in reasonable condition. An initial wash and chamois revealed that the all the paintwork needed was a wax and polish. The interior was reasonably clean too, although there were some soil marks on the fabric seats. The interior door panels also had soil marks on them that needed addressing. The use of an all purpose cleaner that was diluted to the correct strength did the trick! There was also makeup residue on the steering wheel, hand brake and dash controls that needed to be cleaned off as well.

     (This is not the actual vehicle)

The interior vinyl was treated so-as to refresh its appearance and also give UV protection from the sun’s rays. The windows had tint on them, but unfortunately there was little I could do to address the rear window properly. Unfortunately, someone else has previously used another product on it that has dissolved the tint coating. More than likely have been a household product. Household cleaning products shouldn’t be used in cars. Ammonia will dissolve the tint on the windows and cause a hazy and discoloured look on the glass.

Finally, the Lancer was waxed and polished with two different types of carnauba wax. Even though there were some deep marks in the paintwork, overall the car looked brilliant! A clean of the exterior glass and attention to the tyres completed the job. The owner of the vehicle at Stag Court Upper Coomera was delighted with the end result, and was putting the car up for sale this weekend. Another successful job!

Happy Motoring,

Peter – Mango Kar Dynamix

Your Premium Gold Coast Mobile Car Cleaning Service!

30 Mar

Why You Can Still Have Your Car Detailed When It Is Raining

I am going to give you some good reasons why you can still have your car detailed when it is raining! When it rains, people tell me that they will get their car cleaned after the rain has stopped. Once upon a time, I would have thought the same thing. But these days, my experience as as a Gold Coast Mobile Car Detailing service has taught me otherwise. And this is why I would like to share some facts with you that relate directly to our Mobile Car Detailing Packages

Firstly, rain doesn’t mean that the vehicle can’t be cleaned! Mango Kar Dynamix uses products that enables a water-less wash on cars when needed. If you have a garage or carport, the work can be done under cover. This keeps the overall temperature of the vehicle down.

Secondly, usually when it rains, the outside temperature is not as hot due to cloud cover. So with the vehicle under cover, the body work and interior remain in a cooler state. This is great for the detailing products we use because they work more effectively on cooler surfaces. Once your car has had a water-less wash, it can now be polished without the polish drying too quickly whilst working it into the paintwork. Cleaning glass windows and mirrors is also made much easier. This is because the glass cleaner won’t evaporate quickly and develop streaks while applying it.

Thirdly, a cooler interior is ideal for applying products that give the interior of the car UV protection from sun damage. This is on the dashboard, door trims, consul and leather seats. Again, they simply don’t evaporate too quickly when using them. This is fantastic for the long term effectiveness of the products!

So what’s the worst that can happen to your car after having it cleaned on a day when it’s raining? Usually very little actually since your car now has exterior and interior protection that will repel contamination. I hope that this blog has helped you to understand that you can still have your car detailed when it is raining!

Happy Motoring,

Peter – Mango Kar Dynamix

Your Premium Gold Coast Mobile Car Cleaning Service

27 Mar

Presale Gold Detail – Helsal Court, Coomera QLD


I was contacted by the owner of a Toyota Land Cruiser in Coomera. He was wanting his vehicle prepared for sale and requested a Gold Package Detail.

The vehicle had been owned by the client for several years and was predominantly used for towing the family caravan. Many of the trips made were to Central Australia. So a particular issue was the reddish stain on the body work, aluminium bumper bars and alloy wheels caused by red dust. The dust had also traveled inside the vehicle through the air conditioner vents. I used an alkaline product on the wheels and underneath the wheel arches to soak into the dust stain. This product must be applied carefully on the bodywork so that you don’t cause run marks on the paintwork. I then used a pressure sprayer to blast off the red dust and stains. Overall, I would say that I accomplished an 85% success rate with cleaning and removing the stains. Unfortunately, the longer stains like this are left on a vehicle surface, the harder it is to remove. The paintwork cleaned up very well too!

The interior was also quite soiled with dust and grime. However, the use of a diluted orange oil based product removed most of the soiling out of the carpet and seat fabric. Then the vinyl was treated to refresh the door trims and dash with the added benefit of UV protection. Finally, the exterior was hand polished with a Carnauba Wax that also helps to provide paintwork protection against the UV rays of the sun. Overall, the vehicle came up brilliantly in preparation for sale, The owner in Helsal Court Coomera was delighted with the end result and was able to advertise it that same day. He is also recommending Mango Kar Dynamix  to his neighbour!

Happy Motoring,

Peter – Mango Kar Dynamix

Your Premium Gold Coast Mobile Car Cleaning Service

21 Mar

The MKD Do It Yourself Water Bead Test

Here’s a challenge for those of you who think that the paint work on their vehicle is okay! Have a look at other cars around you and perform a Do It Yourself Water Bead Test while it’s raining. See if there are beads of water rolling off the other cars or not. If it is, then there is a film of wax and polish protecting the paintwork. If not, then the paintwork is deteriorating from being constantly exposed to all of harsh elements found here on the Gold Coast. These elements include the sun’s ultra violet light, salt from the beach, bird droppings, dust and road grime. The list goes on and on. And all of these elements are eating into the paintwork causing irreversable damage if not attended.

Being a Gold Coast Mobile Car Detailing service, I see first-hand the contaminant and UV damage caused to neglected vehicles! Are you still in the rain? Now have a look at your car! Are there beads of water rolling off the bonnet? If the answer is yes, that’s great! But if the water won’t bead or is only beading in some places, you’ve got problems. The length of time you have neglected your vehicles paintwork will be relative to the amount of damage already caused. So let’s clarify something here. You are not alone! The majority of car owners don’t pause to consider whether their car needs a polish or not. And here on the Gold Coast, most vehicles are parked outside in the hot sun and general weather for hours at a time. So what’s the simple and cost effective answer?

Mango Kar Dynamix, Your Premium Gold Coast Mobile Car Detailing Service has a GOLD Detailing Package that includes polishing the vehicle. As long as the paintwork is still in good condition, we can polish your vehicle after giving it a good wash, clean, UV treatment and vacuum. That works out to only $60.00 for a small car. This is what the water bead test identifies! So having invested in your vehicle, how about considering the relatively small cost of maintaining every few months or so. It can also mean getting maximum dollar when you decide to sell it or trade it in one day.

So give your preferred Gold Coast Mobile Car Detailing service a call today.

Happy Motoring,

Peter – Mango Kar Dynamix

11 Feb

Achieving Top Dollar When Selling The Car

There is no doubt about it! If you want  to achieve top dollar when selling the car,  it needs to be presented in the best condition possible to a potential buyer. Buyers are generally fussy when it comes to making a financial investment in a vehicle. Even though the vehicle may be second hand, it is still “new” to the new owner. So don’t be deluded about how much notice a buyer will notice the tiniest of defects and evidence of general wear and tear. Here on the Gold Coast, our lifestyle presents common soiling to the interior of a car. Salt and sand on seats and carpet are typical if you are a beach lover. For young families, spilled drinks and food leave their mark for all to see. Busy professionals and trades people who use their car daily for work tend to spill their coffee on the seats, carpet and in the consul. Can you see the picture I’m presenting?

This week, MKD – Mobile Car Detailing Gold Coast detailed the interior of a Toyota Corolla that the owner was putting on the market immediately. The owner’s father said to me when I arrived that he couldn’t understand why I was there cleaning the car. At a glance, this vehicle looked quite neat. However, a closer look revealed stains on the carpet and fabric on the seats. There was also makeup and soiling all over the steering wheel, controls and gear shift, plus the interior glass was cloudy with grime. To get the interior looking nice and fresh again, I started off by thoroughly vacuuming the carpet, mats and seats. Then I cleaned all of the grime of all the door trims, dash and consul. Next was the UV treatment to all of the interior vinyl, cleaning the interior glass and shampooing the fabric seats and loop pile carpet. Lastly, I deodorised the whole interior.

The end result was a beautiful, clean and fresh looking car. But important for the owner was that he could now see himself achieving top dollar when selling the car. Even his father couldn’t get over the difference. The lesson here is don’t underestimate how a relatively small amount of money spent in preparing your car for sale can make a big difference. It can potentially result in you getting hundreds of dollars more than you first thought. So if you are wanting to prepare your car for sale and intend on achieving top dollar for your car, contact MKD – Mobile Ca Detailng Gold Coast for a quote and let us help you to achieve getting top dollar for your car!

Happy and Safe Motoring,