Mango Prestige

MANGO PRESTIGE…Your Premium Gold Coast Car Cleaning Service for Prestige and Luxury Cars!



Mango Prestige is a division of Mango Kar Dynamix – Your Premium Gold Coast Car Cleaning Service! So if you are the owner of a prestige or luxury car and want to keep it in pristine condition, then Mango Prestige is for you! Our experience in cleaning and detailing cars means that you can be confident of a business that knows its job! Best of all, we come to your home or workplace.

Our services include a Wash and Vacuum for a basic “freshen up”. Or you may think it’s time for a more extensive detail that will give your car protection against the sun’s Ultra Violet Rays. Whatever it is that you require, we can offer alternatives that will help protect your prestige car’s exterior and interior. So what does this mean for the customer? You can be confident that you have chosen a professional service! 


At Mango Kar Dynamix, we have spent appropriate time sourcing out, using and comparing cleaning and detailing products suitable for prestige and luxury cars. This just one reason why Mango Prestige stands out from its competitors. Preferably, we wanted a choice of exterior and interior products that are Australian made and manufactured locally here in Queensland. These products contain no silicon or any other chemicals that could cause damage to plastics, leather or paintwork. 


But it’s not just the right products! The extra time we take to attain the best results clearly reflects what Mango Prestige is all about. Put simply, we don’t rush the job on prestige and luxury cars! It’s also about regularly maintaining your car. With Mango Kar Dynamix, you can make either weekly, fortnightly or monthly bookings on a day and time that suits. So what does this mean for you…the customer? You can be confident that you have chosen a professional service. 


Being a mobile service, Mango Prestige is available across the Gold Coast and the Tweed region. All you need to provide us with is safe access to electricity and water, plus an undercover work area to achieve top results.


For a quotation to clean your luxury or prestige car, call Peter on 0429 430 443.



♦  A cleaning and detailing service for cars with a minimum purchase price of $100,000.

♦  A convenient mobile service that will come to your home or workplace!

♦  Make a regular fortnightly or monthly booking on a day and time that suits!

♦  Extra time and care is taken to ensure a quality job…we don’t rush!

♦  Top quality Australian made products manufactured in Queensland!

♦  The wash is compatible with modern nano based paint protection coating!

♦  No oil based silicon in any of the exterior or interior products!

♦  Hand Wax and Polishing!

♦  Excellent back-up service from our suppliers!


Please note that our standard Wash & Vacuum, Silver, Gold and Platinum Packages and respective prices do not apply to MANGO PRESTIGE