Kingscliff Mobile Car Cleaning, NSW 2487

Kingscliff Mobile Car Cleaning: Mango Kar Dynamix are your Kingscliff Car Cleaning and detailing specialists!

No job is too big or small and we understand Kingscliff and the Tweed Coast area better than most.

Kingscliff and Your Car Cleaning needs

Kingscliff is a very well known and popular holiday destination. The beaches are relatively safe and the estuary is fantastic for fishing.  Apart from the well known caravan park that aligns the foreshore, the main street of Marine Parade offers a variety of cafe’s and restaurant to enjoy a meal or simply a good brew of coffee. In recent years, there has been great concern regarding sand erosion, which has at times threatened the caravan park.

The proximity of this township to the ocean, rivers, creeks as well as many leafy trees and tropical rains, mean that vehicles in this area are likely to easily attract contaminants and corrosive substances such as seasalt, bird droppings, Fruit Bat droppings and tree saps on their exterior surfaces.

Our most popular packages in this area include:

  • Wash & Vacuum – Body, Wheels, Door Jams, Chamois, Vacuum Interior and Rear Compartment, Deodorise and Tyre Shine
  • Silver Package  Body, Wheels, Door Jams, Chamois, Vacuum Interior and Rear Compartment, Clean Interior Vinyl or Leather, Consul and Dash, Interior and Exterior window glass, Deodorise and Tyre Shine
  • Gold Package – Body, Wheels, Door Jams, Chamois, Vacuum Interior and Rear Compartment, Clean Interior Vinyl or Leather, Consul and Dash, Interior and Exterior window glass, Deodorise, Tyre Shine, Wax and Polish
  • Platinum Package – Body, Wheels, Door Jams, Chamois, Vacuum Interior and Rear Compartment, Clean Interior Vinyl or Leather, Consul and Dash, Interior and Exterior window glass, Deodorise, Tyre Shine, Clay Bar or Electric Buff, Wax and Polish


Why choose Mango Kar Dynamix as your preferred Kingscliff Mobile Car Cleaning and Detailing Service?

Mango Kar Dynamix is Your Premium Gold Coast Mobile Car Detailing Service that is available right here in Kingscliff! And we’ll bring our mobile car cleaning service to your workplace or home!

Being a mobile service, life is a lot easier for businesses owners, professionals and individuals alike. Like them, you can keep attending to the important things at work or home while we clean your vehicle. You’ll be able to spend more quality time on weekends with family and friends, plus have the extra time to focus on your favourite recreational activities!

Here at Mango Kar Dynamix, no job is too big or too small for us.

We believe in giving you a professional Kingscliff Mobile Car Detailing service, 100% of the time:

  • Providing the type of professional service that customers naturally expect – we do what we say we’ll do and when we’re going to do it. We are Tweed Coast location specialists, so will come out to your workplace or home in Kingscliff at a time that suits you.
  • Backed up by our 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • We use top quality Australian and locally made car detailing products that will give maximum results to your vehicles exterior or interior.

So call Peter at Mango Kar Dynamix today on 0429 430 430 and…

Feel the Difference”!!!



We are thrilled to consistently get 5 Star Testimonials for our mobile car detailing work. Here are just some of the many we receive:

 5-stars-3-docx “Always takes complete pride in his work”

Peter has detailed 3 cars for my family. They differ from 4 wheel drives to family cars to small hatchbacks. Peter always takes complete pride in his work, goes about his business with no fuss and leaves the cars looking like new. I thoroughly recommend Peter. He takes detailing to another level!

Craig Finney


 5-stars-3-docx “Punctual and always has a smile”

Peter has been detailing my wife’s car for the past 6 months and I can’t speak highly enough of his service. He is thorough, punctual and always has a smile on his face. This is a passion for Peter and this is reflected in every aspect of his business. Love the Mango!

Ben O’Conner


5-stars-3-docx “I thought it worth a review”

Peter at Mango Kar Dynamix cleaned my 10 year old Honda for selling, doing outside and in of it and made it look new. I sold the car the same day I advertised it.
I was so impressed, I thought it worth a review. Thanks so much for your help!

Simone Davis


5-stars-3-docx “The attention to detail of the job was so awesome”

What an incredible service and job! I had Mango Kar Dynamix come and clean mine and my neighbour’s cars. The attention to detail of the job was so awesome – Peter turned up when he said he would and proceeded to make my 10 year old Rav 4 look and smell like a new car. I keep walking past it in carparks thinking it’s not my car because it’s so lovely and shiny! If you want that ‘new car feeling’ without the ‘new car price’ I’d definitely recommend to give these guys a call!

Felicia Rusher


5-stars-3-docx “Love the fact you use local products”

WOW! To say I’m impressed is an understatement!
Mango came to my office to detail my car, bonus no lost productivity for me!
With 2 toddlers you can imagine the inside of car, it came up seriously better than when I drove it out of the showroom! It felt amazing to drive again thank you Peter!
PS: love the fact you use local products also!

Soonah Walkom


5-stars-3-docx  “That new car feel was back!”

I’ve had the Mango out to detail both my work truck and my wife’s SUV and we couldn’t be more impressed! That “new car feel” was back!

Will Hancock


5-stars-3-docx  “He really does do a fantastic job!”

I gave my Mum a car detail for Mother’s Day this year. This is not something that Mum would usually spend money on so it was an excellent present for her. She has just recently had the detail, and cannot believe how her old Lancer feels like a brand new car. Her words were “I can’t believe that Peter was able to transform my car to a brand new car again, he really does do a fantastic job!” Recommend getting your family members a gift certificate for the next special occasion that pops up, especially when this is not something they usually do. Peter really does go beyond expectations. Thanks Peter!

Colette Gatti


5-stars-3-docx  “Professional and passionate”

So professional and passionate about what they do. Highly recommend!

Brea Marshall