Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions regarding how, why and where we like to clean and detail your vehicle.

Q) What is required for my vehicle to be washed and cleaned at my home?

A) We require the following 3 things:
1) access to water;
2) an electricity supply;
3) preferably an undercover location (eg.) garage or car port to carry out work in addition to washing a vehicle.


Q) Why is a covered work area important?

A) Firstly, Queensland is named the “Sunshine State” for a reason! The temperature inside a vehicle parked in the sun can rise to over 50 degrees….far too hot and potentially dangerous an environment to work in. Secondly, manufacturers of the products we use for cleaning a vehicle recommend say that they should be used in a “cool, shaded area”. Interior cleaning products evaporate as they are applied. Exterior products such as cleaners, waxes and polishes polishes become less effective in direct sunlight.


Q) What if I would like to have my car washed and cleaned where I work?

A) The same applies as in the previous question and answer.


Q) How can I get my vehicle cleaned if I can’t provide a covered work area?

A) In cases where there is little choice, we do our best to get good results in the environment provided by a customer. Or, an arrangement can be made with you to drop your car off at, and pick up your vehicle from MKD’s office in Elanora.


Q) Would MKD do a better job of washing and cleaning my car than if I did it myself?

A) We would never presume to care for your car more than you would. However, our knowledge of equipment, choice of products, plus experience enables us to access your car’s exterior and interior condition and advise you on the most appropriate service we can provide.


Q) Isn’t Car detailing only required for older cars?

A) From the moment your beautiful new car leaves the “showroom floor”, it is instantly bombarded by harmful UV rays from the sun, salty air, bird droppings, bugs, tar off the roads and exhaust fumes from other vehicles. Even if your vehicle is garaged regularly, all of these pollutants gradually eat into the vehicle’s paintwork, exterior plastics, internal vinyls and fabrics. An example of UV damage is seen on headlamps whereas the lenses have either turned yellow, frosty or are peeling. Therefore, regularly having your vehicle’s exterior and interior washed and/or cleaned will help maintain it’s appearance and condition for many years to come!


Q) Is it possible for a neglected vehicle to look brand new again?

A) If the vehicles exterior bodywork and paintwork is badly damaged and oxidised due to being exposed to the weather’s elements 24/7, no amount of car care product can restore it back to original condition. If the paintwork on your car has oxidised i.e. patchy discoloured areas, or even flaking, then in actual fact you require the services of an automotive panel beating and spray painting shop.The same issue applies to the interior of your vehicle. The end result of a clean and detail is always determined by the “actual” condition of the vehicle that is presented!


Q) What electric appliances would MKD use on my car?

A) We use water pressure washers (e.g. Karcher or Gernie), vacuum cleaners and Orbital Rotator Polishers. All other works are carried out by hand.


Q) When does MKD use electric polishers?

A) If your vehicle has been subjected to sun and weather conditions over a long period of time, there is a very good chance that the paintwork will have started to fade and/or gone a bit “powdery”. This is called oxidation. In these cases, an electric polisher may be required to help restore the paintwork as best as possible to its original condition. We use Orbital Rotary Polishers as they are reasonably gentle so-as to avoid “burning” the paintwork. If the damage to the paintwork is too severe for us to attend to, we will advise you to seek the services of an automotive spray painting and panel beating business!


Q) Can carpets and cloth seats be successfully cleaned if they have bad stains on them?

A) Stains are often caused by the spilling of hot and cold drinks e.g. coffee or soft drink. The result is that the sugars and dairy products in the drinks soak into the fabric and fibres, and tend to stay there unattended for a prolonged period of time. This sees a dirt and grime build-up that eventually becomes visible in the form of a stain. Other stains occur by soiled clothing and footwear. Most, but not all stains can be successfully removed by the use of cleaning products. However, severe stains may need to be attended to by removing seats and carpet from the vehicle and having them commercially steam cleaned. Mango Kar Dynamix does not offer this service!