Coomera Prestige Car Cleaning

Your Premium Mobile Gold Coast Car Cleaning and Detailing Service…Coomera Prestige Car Cleaning
The suburb of Coomera has a premium mobile cleaning service specialising in the care of Prestige Cars. The great advantage to car owners is that this service will come to your home or workplace. All that is required is safe access to water and electricity, plus a covered area such as a car port or garage to work under when a wax and polish is required.


With Coomera Prestige Car Cleaning, you can take comfort in knowing that the wash we use is compatible with modern nano based paint protection coating. There is also no oil based silicon in any of the exterior or interior products we use. We always take extra time and care on your prestige vehicle with all Wax and Polishing being done by hand. Finally, we use high quality Australian made products that are manufactured here in Queensland.

Mango Prestige is our high quality Mobile Gold Coast Car Cleaning Service for prestige cars with a minimum purchase price value of $100,000! Our passion for high quality cars means that we are determined to provide owners of prestige vehicles a high standard cleaning and detailing service. At the end of the day, we simply don’t see why top quality cars should deteriorate over time!

Coomera Prestige Car owners can now contact Mango Kar Dynamix, Your Premium Gold Coast Car Cleaning Service. You will enjoy the convenience of a mobile car cleaning and detailing service that will come to your home or workplace. So give Peter a call today on 0429 430 443 for a quotation to have your prestige car detailed.

*Please note that our standard Wash & Vacuum, Silver, Gold and Platinum Packages and respective prices do not apply to MANGO PRESTIGE!