About Peter Blades

Peter Blades has a genuine passion and interest in cars. This passion started during his early teens when he developed an interest in motor sport. To fulfil this ongoing interest, he took up an apprenticeship in Automotive Electrics. After 17 years in the motor industry, Peter changed direction and moved on by owning a number of other businesses. Some of these were a Cafe, Fencing Contractor business and a Dance Studio. But today he is back in the car industry and enjoying growing his business Mango Kar Dynamix – Your Premium Gold Coast Car Cleaning Service!

In his original home town of Melbourne, Peter helped his son who had a mobile car cleaning business. Together, their high standard of work quickly earned them a good reputation, developing into a healthy clientele base. Fortnightly and monthly repeat business soon grew. Peter believed that he could bring this successful model of a mobile car wash, mobile car cleaning and mobile car detailing model here to the Gold Coast. When he and his wife moved to the Gold Coast in 2014, Mango Kar Dynamix was born.

It didn’t take long before Mango Kar Dynamix grew into a reputable business. Professional people, business owners and individual customers alike quickly became regular clients. For businesses, having a cleanly presented car contributed to their professional image and customer satisfaction. And of course, while Peter cleans and details their vehicles, they are able to continue working. It’s clearly a win-win situation!

Peter Blades is very proud of what Mango Kar Dynamix is accomplishing and knows the importance of delivering premium and quality workmanship. But it’s his love of cars that has been the foundation of this business he is building upon. And as could be expected, being a proud Australian business, Mango Kar Dynamix – Your Premium Gold Coast Car Cleaning Service uses Australian Owned and Made car care products!